If I can’t have a unicorn, no one can

Meanwhile, over in another political leadership contest, their unicorn-loving electorate are happy to destroy the UK and our economy. I don’t remember seeing that on the side of a bus in June 2016.

The simple conclusion is that the membership of the self-styled Conservative and Unionist Party is:

  • No longer unionist
  • No longer cares about wasting your money
  • Happy to die on the altar of Brexit

… but prefers to inflict such chaos on the country themselves, rather than let Jeremy Corbyn do it for them. What patriots they are.

Fortunately, Jo Swinson has found a rational order to do these things in for whoever their future leader is Boris Johnson. (Spoiler – only one of them needs to happen).

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Reader Comments

  1. H

    Well, that or they thought it was a stupid question and there’s no way leaving the EU will lead to any of those results. you might as well have asked, ‘Would you still want the UK to leave the EU even if it meant that a space alien would come and kill half the population of Earth, come on, yes or no?’. Is there even a sensible answer to that question (especially given that you know that if you say ‘no’ it will be reported as ‘Conservative members don’t really want to leave the EU after all’)?

    • tim

      Very amusing, but the questions asked aren’t unreasonable (unlike your space alien hypothetical) as they’re all potential outcomes of leaving. The government’s own research shows that the economy has already been damaged by the process of leaving, and is highly likely to be damaged further – it’s simply the extent of the damage that’s uncertain.

      Why would it be a bad thing if, given the option of destroying the union or wrecking the economy, those Conservative members said they’d rather keep the status quo? As David Davis once said, “If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy”.

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