A blat to Rutland Water

It was perfect weather for getting out in the Caterham today. Rather than head up into the peaks as usual, I decided instead to meander towards Rutland Water. The drive along the A6006 and A606 isn’t as demanding as many (provided that you stay alert for motorcyclists and tractors) but the destination is worthwhile. First stop was the Harbour Cafe at Whitwell for coffee and a cake.

Rutland Belle at Whitwell, Rutland Water
The Rutland Belle docked outside the Harbour Cafe at Whitwell.
Whitwell - Catamaran
A catamaran in the Whitwell boat park. Many (like this one) seem to have been forgotten, but I assume someone is paying for them to be stored there?
Exit sign
A six-inch high exit sign, not pointing towards any obvious exit.
Gnu in the car park at Whitwell
Small but perfectly formed.

Having decided that the two and a half mile path to Normanton was a little too far to tackle I headed off there in the Gnu. Lots of people seemed to be enjoying barbecues and there was no shortage of ice cream and other refreshments available.

Rutland Water
A view over Rutland Water towards Oakham (Well, almost. It’s somewhere to the left of the image I believe).
Obligatory duck.
Normanton Church
Normanton Church. Closed today, but available for hire.
Normanton Church
Normanton Church against the clouds.

I called it a day, as any more cake or ice cream would have jeopardised Gnu’s aerodynamics, and headed home via Melton Mowbray. The roads around Rutland Water seem remarkably well kept, certainly when compared with the roads back to Derby through Leicestershire and (especially) Nottinghamshire. They’re a pleasure to drive on. Perhaps Lord Bonkers has been keeping the inmates at the home for well-behaved orphans gainfully employed?

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Reader Comments

  1. Andrew Morrish

    Great to hear you are getting out Tim. Thoughts are with you all still.
    As a former local, I love the roads around there – Rutland Water was a regular stress busting blast for me too. I can also recommend heading out of Normanton to Uppingham and then follow the wonderful B664 from there to Market Harborough via Medbourne – this is one of Britain’s great driving roads, has featured in Top Gear test and has the most wonderful “mini alpine” as you leave Uppingham, and would end with a brilliant undulating drop from Rutland into rural Leicestershire when you take. And you can pick up the A6 from there again to head home.
    But if you pass through Melton then I hope you have the local pie onboard as a teatime delicacy – essential Leicestershire diet – I have waistline to prove it.

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