The last post (probably)

After 11 years and 925 posts, it feels like it’s time to stop blogging. Long past the time to stop, if I’m being completely honest. So I am going to stop. This is the last post. Probably.

I suppose there’s always a chance that I may start up again (never say never) but it feels unlikely at the moment for a variety of reasons.

Thank you to everyone who has followed my progress through two psychology degrees, a mantle cell lymphoma diagnosis and treatment, not to mention all the sundry other things that have caught my attention over the years.

Be seeing you.

Be seeing you

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Reader Comments

  1. Gail

    Thanks on behalf of all the OU students you’ve helped. And for many other entertaining, interesting and thought provoking posts along the way. Be seeing Gnu 🙂

  2. Fiona

    Tim, We were doing psychology degrees at a similar time (OU, where I shall be eternally grateful for your revision notes; then I did a taught MSc locally). Meanwhile my husband had non-hodgkin’s lymphoma…at times you and I lived parallel lives, whilst orbiting our slightly different planets. Thank you for your many words of wisdom, shrewd observations and articulate musings. Without doubt you were a lifeline at times, making crazy situations seem more normal. I probably should have shared this with you sooner, better late than never, hey. All the best for the future. Onwards and upwards.

  3. Sonja

    Thanks for all the great reads that I had on your blog. Although we studied at the OU at different times, I often felt connected to you, just as if we had met at a residential school. Indeed I wish we had. I wish you all the best for the future and hope to be still seeing you on Twitter.

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