Phenonominololological: Surf Teddy launches his bid for worldwide stardom!

I received an email from Eddie Chauncy yesterday – the creator of the wonderful TMA song and friend of Surf Teddy.

About the TMA song Eddie writes:

I really only shared the song with my DD307 Facebook crowd as some light-hearted fun, but was stunned at the response!  Who’d have thought it?!

Surf Teddy’s become a bit of a legend in his own right.  For us on the course this year, it’s been a kind of illustration of social psychology.  If we ever needed convincing about emotion as an interactively-shared construction, this did it!

You might find it fun to know/share that, due to popular demand, The TMA Song is coming out on Amazon tomorrow, April 4, and should be available on iTunes soon too!

Here’s the link to purchase the track from Amazon if you’re in the UK or Europe, and  this is the link to Amazon that will allow you to purchase the track if you’re in the USA. It’s definitely worth 89 pence (or 99 cents) of anyone’s money. If enough of us head over there and buy it, maybe Surf Teddy will get to be the Easter number 1 … go on, make the bear’s day! 🙂

Surf Teddy - The TMA Song
Surf Teddy - The TMA Song

We are proud to accept only Visa

So says the sign in the window of the London 2012 shop at St. Pancras station. Before I caught my train home this evening, I had a quick look around inside. I do wonder if Visa are proud of them though. I couldn’t identify a single item that I would consider buying as it was all (a) too expensive or (b) amazingly ugly and tacky or (c) both. Maybe it’s because I’m old and grumpy, but I’ve never seen it looking very busy, so perhaps there are lots of other people who agree with me too.

I did mischievously wonder what the staff would do if I went and filled up a basket full of goodies and then offered them my MasterCard, but even I wasn’t feeling that mean or bored! But I’m willing to bet that it’s happened and that they’ve all been trained in what to do in such circumstances. Maybe they’d offer to sign you up for a Visa card on the spot? If not, then perhaps they and their sponsors are missing an opportunity.

I decided I didn’t want to hang around in there long enough to find out though.

A conversation with our rabbit

“Good morning, Archie”

“Hello. Where’s my food? WHERE’S MY FOOD?!! I’d quite like some of those nice organic carrots for breakfast with a sprinkling of parsley please. I don’t much care for greens.”

“Sigh. It’s on its way. But you are going to have to eat your greens too. They’re good for you. I’ll put you outside in your run later if you like. It’s going to be a lovely day.”

“But I’m a HOUSE RABBIT. I prefer carpet to that damp green stuff that’s out there. The rug in the lounge tastes nicer, too. I do rather enjoy chasing leaves and listening to the birds though. Could you bring them inside for me instead, perhaps? It might be easier for both of us. Don’t think I’m going to make it easy for you to put me outside. And definitely don’t think that even though I like carpet far more than grass that I’ll let you catch me easily when it’s time to come back in again. Oh no. Not this rabbit, mister.”

“Tell me something.”

“Like what? I’m still waiting for my carrots …”

“How would a rabbit juggle everything I need to do for work, the two OU courses I’m taking at the same time and life in general? If you’ve got any tips on discourse analysis they would be greatly appreciated.”

“Oh. I’m a rabbit. I eat carrots, therefore I am. Will that do? We rabbits don’t have much time for discourse analysis, unless the interpretative repertoires are all about carrots, of course. Did you know that we have 27 different words for them?”

“What about ideological dilemmas?”

“The only dilemma I want is which carrot to eat first. Don’t make me take a subject position on this. You wouldn’t like me when I take a subject position. WHERE ARE MY CARROTS?”

“I’ll get them now.”

“Thank you. I like the ones with the leaves still on them by the way. I’ll just wait here …”

In conversation with Archie
In conversation with Archie