Six chapters of notes from the DSE212 February 2007 presentation.

Book 1 – Mapping Psychology

Chapter 5 – Personality: Individual Differences

Chapter 6 – Perception and Attention

Chapter 8 – Memory

Chapter 9 – Psychoanalytic and Humanistic Perspectives

Book 2 – Challenging Psychological Issues

Chapter 1 – Lifespan Development

Chapter 4 – Consciousness

Other people’s notes:

David has a great website containing his OU psychology revision notes. The DSE212 section is very comprehensive: (07-07-2013).

Reader Comments

  1. ktmay

    thank you so much for the wonderfully organised notes. i know you say that these are old notes from 2007 and before. i just wondered though at the time of writing your notes was there not a chapter on three approaches to learning, it is chapter 3 of the present DSE212.

    • tim

      Thanks for the comment – hope you find the notes useful.

      I’m really not sure if there was something on learning – there may well have been something like that! However, my big mistake when taking DSE212, which was the first OU course I took for the psychology degree, was not to start making notes until very late on in the process. Given the amount of time I had for revision, I decided to try to strategically pick chapters to go back over and revise.

      I was lucky – my questions came up – but it could have gone horribly wrong.

  2. Catherine Verney

    Thank you very much for these notes. I am currently revising for DSE212 and finding both chs 5 and 6 hard!

  3. cath Woko

    Thank you so much, I have major health issues and can’t concentrate for long because of medication but you have made this so much easier for me.

    • tim

      Hi Nicola,

      Just click on the “Chapter n” (blue) links on this page. You should see a PDF appear when you do.


  4. Joanne

    This is fantastic thank you, my notes are atrocious but your layout looks like it could work for me. Also scares me a little as to how organised you were!

  5. Jaime

    Hi Tim,

    I have just come across this site today, I am just starting to complete TMA 03 on DSE212. I am Dyslexic so struggle to make notes so your are great. Thank you very very much.


    • tim

      Hi Jaime,

      You’re welcome. However, please be aware that DSE212 has changed substantially since I took it in 2007, so be careful how you use them! They may contain material no longer covered by the module or miss out important things that are.

      All the best with your studies,


  6. mandy

    Thanks for the comprehensive notes Tim, very helpful – had a little panic attack when I couldn’t find enough on adult lifespan researches, you saved the day. BTW – the books and materials including exams didn’t change much after 2007. Might be wrong but I don’t think the module will be delivered again after 2014 – new pathway with different modules. thanks again Tim

  7. Arnold

    Somewhat later than expected, I’m finally in the midst of DSE212; the notes so far are at . So far, it looks like the course hasn’t changed massively since you did it: we do learning on the exam rather than memory (which is now a TMA option) and consciousness is now an optional chapter as is dementia which I guess was chapter 5 in your day.

    Onwards and upwards to Social Psychology in October 2015 and then the new DE300 to finish off I think.

    • tim

      Hi Arnold,

      Nice to hear from you again. DSE212 seems like a lifetime ago now. All the best for the rest of the module and although social paychology is a challenge, it’s definitely worthwhile and changed my outlook on psycholoy forever!

      • Arnold

        Just heard back from the qualifications people yesterday that “all” I need to do is DD307 on its final run in October and the first run of DE300 (the new DD303, minus residential I think) and I’ll be able to pick up the BSc psych. Seems that by plugging away on the life sciences degree since ED209, I’ve picked up all the necessary points and have an exemption from doing the level 1 modules on the psychology degree.

        Just bought the DD307 books so I hope to leaf over them over the summer which, hopefully, will make the course seem a little easier.

        Incidentally, it looks like you were quite right in thinking that doing the notes along the way with DSE212 was the way to go, at least if the comparison between my ED209 and DSE212 marks is anything to go by. It’s been adding 15% or more per assignment for me so far – all being well this will work for DD307 and DE300 too 🙂

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