Book 1

ED209 notes – book1,chapter1 – Children and Development (10-01-2009)

ED209 notes – book1,chapter2 – Theories of Development (18-01-2009)

ED209 notes – book1,chapter 3 – Sensation to Perception (26-01-2009)

ED209 notes – book1,chapter 4 – Early Cognitive Development (17-02-2009)

ED209 notes – book1,chapter5 – Temperament and Development (26-02-2009)

ED209 notes – book1,chapter6 – Origins of Development (05-03-2009)

ED209 notes – book1,chapter7 – First Relationships (17-03-2009)

Book 2

ED209 notes – book2,chapter1 – Parenting and Attachment (26-03-2009)

ED209 notes – book2,chapter2 – Disturbed and Disturbing Behaviour (03-04-2009)

ED209 notes – book2,chapter3 – Children’s Interactions: Siblings and Peers (08-04-2009)

ED209 notes – book2,chapter4 – The Early Development of Identity (30-04-2009)

ED209 notes – book2,chapter5 – Gender Identity and the Development of Gender Roles (04-05-2009)

ED209 notes – book2,chapter6 – National Identities in Children and Young People (16-05-2009)

ED209 notes – book2,chapter7 – Young Consumers (26-05-2009)

Book 3

ED209 notes – book3,chapter1 –  Early category representations and concepts (04-06-2009)

ED209 notes – book3,chapter2 – First words (23-06-2009)

ED209 notes – book3,chapter3 – Brain and cognitive development (10-08-2009)

ED209 notes – book3,chapter4 – The development of children’s understanding of grammar (29-06-2009)

ED209 notes – book3,chapter5 – Executive functions in childhood: development and disorder (19-07-2009)

ED209 notes – book3,chapter6 – Understanding minds (09-08-2009)

ED209 notes – book3,chapter7 – Mathematical and scientific thinking (09-08-2009)

ED209 notes – book3,chapter8 – A socio-cognitive perspective on learning and cognitive development (09-08-2009)

Blog posts

All of my blog posts relating to the 2009 presentation of ED209 can be found here:

Other people’s notes:

David has a great website containing his OU psychology revision notes. The ED209 section is here: and also includes contributed audio from Síobhra Reid of some my notes (07-07-2013).

Arnold produced a really nice set of condensed revision notes in 2009 for a strategically chosen set of chapters in this course – see: (09-12-2009).

Reader Comments

  1. 4micifu

    Congratulations on your blog!
    I find your notes really useful.

    Would you consider publishing your notes for DSE212?


  2. FellowED209Student

    Hi Tim. just got here via the link on your posting in the ED2909 forum. Great to hear that someone else has got procrastinating down to a fine art! Just read your notes for Chap1 Bk2 – they’re great!

  3. Arnold

    Brilliant indeed Tim. The only problem we’re going to have with them is that you’ll only be doing notes on one of the book 4 options!


  4. Kate Dorland

    Tim Sir…. You are an inspiration! Thank you for providing further distraction to my already rather chaotic study schedule. If you don’t mind, I shall be printing out your chapter summaries & perusing them with greatest pleasure over the next few days. I’m really loving your blog. Keep the anecdotes flowing – it’s all most refreshing.

  5. Karen Nokes

    Hi Tim,

    Your notes are great. I am a little behind but due to the reason that I have just got back after getting married in Las Vegas- so still trying to plough through Chapter 1 of Book 2 . Very many thanks for you publishing these notes to assist others.
    Finding it rather hard to keep up on this course anyway – not like DSE212.

    Best wishes,


  6. Lesley Burton

    Tim, have come on here for the first time to read your notes on chapter 3 of book 2- they are fantastic.It has clarified so much of what i was struggling with. Can’t thank you enough.

  7. Lucie P. :-)

    Thank you very much, Tim 🙂
    You are a darling, deserving a cuddle :-))
    I’m trying to gather as many notes as possible alongside mine, and your notes are the best. :-))
    Take care xx

  8. sands

    Hi Tim,

    You’re a life-saver when it comes to trying to organise thoughts that are all muddled up in preperation for an assignment. Many thanks for all your hard work!! 🙂


  9. Arnold

    It just struck me seeing as the seen question has recently turned up that 80% of the people who’ve been turning up regularly at this page are going to be disappointed. Somehow I can’t see you having quite enough hours in the day to write up notes on all five topics!

    Or, of course, we could all do whatever option you choose and thereby completely throw the OU come exam time 🙂

  10. Angela Smith

    Hi, Please re-submit your notes on C.3/Book 3. I cannot access them and so far ALL of your notes have been invaluable. Many thanks

  11. Sam

    Your notes are excellent Tim, thank you for sharing all your hard work with us. I for one truly appreciate it 🙂

  12. John Campbell

    I am grateful that there are people like you who can subsume vast amounts of material and produce it in a succinct form for altruistic distribution.

  13. Kate

    Hi Tim,

    I can’t believe I have only just discovered your notes for ED209- they are fantastic!! I don’t suppose you have them for DSE212 by any chance? I know it’s cheeky but I have to ask!

  14. Jane

    Just wanted to say you are a complete legend! Thank you so much you may have actually saved my exam. Thanks again!

  15. Kelly Woodgate

    Hi Tim

    Many many thanks for your fantastic notes, what can I say except for thanking you for saving me another 2weeks of note taking before I can actually revise them. They are set out so well and understandble. Wish I knew this website existed before thank you once again you really are a hardworking star xxx

  16. Anonymous

    Hi Tim,
    I have used your notes to revise from and l wanted to thank you for saving me so much time.
    A BIG thankyou.

  17. Jane Postlethwaite

    Hi Tim, just to wish you all the very best for the 21st- have been reading the blog and also wish to thank you for notes which I have found a tremendous supplement to my own revision notes- they are a bit pathetic by comparison! 🙂

    Kindest regards to all who have battled ED209…


  18. Sarah

    Thank you so so much for all your hard work Tim – you really are a star!!!!

    Your notes are brilliant and so easy to use – I have no excuses for not revising well now…..

    All the best for your future,

    Kind regards,

    Sarah x

  19. Barbara

    Hi Tim,

    My first visit to your site. What a pleasure and a treasure trove! So grateful for your willingness to share with us. Given that I was bereaved of any tutorial interaction (non existent in my area) it is a refreashing to have an ‘exchange of ideas’, albeit one-way since I’m not talented enough to produce such a master piece as yours.

    Wishing you well and much success on the exam!


  20. chris

    Hi, Tim,
    congrats on a superb body of work. I’d love to know your method, it looks much superior to mine which consists of:
    1. skim read chapter for overview.
    2. Read study guide for key concepts.
    3. Write notes for chapter (Cornell method).
    4. condense notes as much as possible for revision.
    5. forget everything I’ve just done.
    How you produce this quality of work and do your job at the same time, I can’t imagine.
    Thank you.
    good luck with the exam.
    Chris Sutor.

  21. chris

    p.s. I agree with you on the ‘mind-map’ thing; I find them useful only for analysing complexity. as a memory aid – useless.

  22. bella

    Just found this site….

    I think you have saved that day! for me anyway… I was in revision hell, this is such a life-line

  23. Rainey

    Tim, thanks so much for sharing these fantastic notes. I have Erika Cox’s revision booklets but I keep coming back to yours . Good luck with the exam – if your notes, discipline and organisation are anything to go by, you’ll do extremely well!

  24. Hal

    Really do appreciate the time you must have put into all this, and for graciously sharing.
    I will donate.
    Thank you

  25. Celine Seller


    You are a God- send for some like me who is unable to attend lectures often. Your notes are concise and to the point.Admire your good will. will donate.

  26. Kim Paul

    Hi there Tim,

    Fantastic of you to share your notes like this! I too admire your good will and I feel that your blogg is valuable to me and will aid alongside my Erika Cox revision pack when it comes to exam prep!

    Thank you so much!

    Regards, Kim x

  27. Caroline

    Just wanted to say thanks. I’m revising for the 2010 sitting of ED209 and your notes are really helpful.

    My next course is EA300….please make notes on this for me!! lol

    Thanks again!

    • tim

      Hi Caroline,

      You’re very welcome and all the best for the exam. You’ll have to find someone else for notes on EA300 though – children’s literature is definitely not my thing!!! I leave all of that to my other half – Jane’s first attempt at writing for that audience is here: – no agent or publisher for it yet though … 🙁


  28. Sam

    Bookmarking this as I’m doing ED209 next February, it’s nice to get a feel for the course in advance – many thanks!

    • tim

      Hi Mike,

      I don’t – you could try contacting study support at the OU though – they may be able to help.


  29. Linda Ticha

    Dear Tim,
    Thanks ever so much for sharing your work with the rest of the world,
    I jumped from E100(level 1) to ED209 and found it quite shocking!
    You really made a difference to the whole experience of my studies!!

    Kind Regards Linda

  30. Michelle

    hi tim
    Thank you for being so generous with your studies.
    I don’t know what’s happening, but everytime I try to open one of the links, my computer says there’s something wrong with the web page and won’t open them.
    Is there any other way to access your notes?
    Many thanks

  31. MrsShrek

    Just discovered these in my efforts to understand epigenesis – oh my goodness you are an absolute SAINT for producing this lot. Fantastic for revision notes. A huge thank you from me.

  32. Linda Gorman

    You are an angel. Your notes are brill, thank you so much you’ve no idea how much my stress has gone down. I’ll do something really nice for some stranger as a thank you to you.

  33. Sharon Bates

    Thank you very much for these notes they will help enormously, I was just starting to lose myself in the books



  34. Dermot Breen

    Hi Tim

    Many thanks for publishing these notes. I just heard about them today from a fellow student. I believe they will be very useful for my forthcoming exam. Thanks for all your effort.


  35. diana

    Dear Tim, you are a legend! Just had a massive change of modus operandi from book 2 to book 3 and run off your invaluable notes. Thanks Tim.

  36. Hilly

    Oh my I can not thank you enough for these notes I have had so much going on in my life this year I had no idea how I was going to even start sorting revision notes, even contemplated deferring the exam, I may just pass this exam now THANK YOU

  37. Janet

    Hi Tim
    It’s taken me a while to get round to doing this, but I wanted to thank you for your 209 notes, they were very very helpful when I was preparing for my exam and helped me prioritise my subjects and develop precise revision tables for myself. This was the final module for me as I did my choices in an unusual order. Primarily this was because of exam fear; I much prefer course work. I sat my exam on 18/10/11 it was the first exam I’d sat since 1975. I got my result; a Pass 1 at 95% so the revision strategy worked. Thank you again. I have my BA with Hons and start my Masters in Childhood and Youth on Oct 2nd this year with the OU. I couldn’t have done it without your help

    • tim

      Hi Janet,

      You’re very welcome. And 95% in an OU exan is amazing – really well done! Hope the masters goes well.


  38. Anne-Marie

    Tim you are a legend! These notes are great thank you so much, just one more question can I borrow your brain for the exam?!? Thanks

  39. Sonia

    Hi Tim

    Thank you so much for these notes. Another student friend gave me the link and I am so thankful and thank you for sharing!

  40. Saima

    Hi Tim,

    Your chapter summaries are great, and extremely useful. Would’ve struggled these past few days without them. Just a quick Q when to quote ‘w.r.t’ does that stand for ‘with reference to’?

    • tim

      Hi Saima,

      I use w.r.t to mean with respect to or with reference to – so you’ve understood me ok! All the best for the exam.


  41. Michelle

    Thanks. Your notes are still being used and soooo helpful. I’ve learned to be more concise instead of rewriting the textbook.

    • tim

      Hi Michelle,

      Glad they’re still useful – and all the best with the module. Apologies for not publishing your comment sooner but it appears that the anti-spam software I’m using was being a little over-zealous on Friday 🙂


  42. Pearl

    Hi Tim, Fantastic notes. Thank you. Do you have any idea what determines the final grade on ED209? Is it a straight 50/50 split between the exam and TMAs or is it the lower mark of the two? Im getting lost in the forum. Thanks again

    • tim

      Hi Pearl,

      Thank you – you’re welcome. When I took ED209, the final grade given was the lower of the continuous assessment (OCAS) and exam (OES). However, it’s not quite that straightforward as the exam boards do have discretion to change where the boundaries lie in any particular year. So although I ended up with a grade 1 OCAS (87%) and a grade 2 OES (80%), I was still awarded a grade 1 pass overall for ED209.


  43. Carole

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks so much for sharing your notes Tim 🙂

    I’m just about to start book 2.. I found it very difficult to consense all the info in book 1 but from now on I will be consulting your notes prior to making my own!!

  44. Siobhan

    I cant believe I have come across this! So great for me as really want a kick start for ED209 which I begin in October but will need to juggle with my newborn arriving mid-November so this is just brilliant as I can know where to start my own reading!
    Thanks for this Tim!!

  45. Helen

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for your notes. My first exam (dse212) was a couple of months ago and I managed to get Pass 2, but my score was only 72%…I could have ‘failed’ by getting pass 3. My ed 209 exam will be in October and I decided to use your notes as a part of preparation strategy. I have realised that learning the information and then using it are two different things. The questions can be worded so awkwardly that even if we know the contents of the chapters it does not mean that we can write good essays. By the way it is the first year when ED 209 questions will be based on different chapters within one book…

    • tim

      Hi Helen,

      All the best for the exam. You’re absolutely right – there’s a big difference between knowing the material and knowing how to use it to answer the question that’s been set! The distinction becomes even more important at level 3 – particularly on DD307.


  46. Jessie

    Hi Tim.
    I think some one is looking after me from above, as I happen to come across your site while looking up about Erika Cox (May she rest in peace.)! Thank you.
    This is my first OU degree module and my first exam in a very, very long while.
    Having your notes are both reassuring and comforting. Thanks again.
    Good luck with your endeavours.


    • tim

      Hi Jessie,

      You’re welcome. I was also shocked to hear about Erika. I found her revision packs for DSE212, ED209 and DD303 really helpful and I’m convinced that they were a significant help to me on those modules and that I wouldn’t have done nearly so well without them.

      All the best for the exam,


  47. Susan Chamber


    All I can say is thank you for doing all these notes. They will be a god send I am getting lost in revision.


  48. Mary Murray

    Hi Tim,
    I just want to say a big thank you, as these notes are about the only thing close to a revision pack us ED209ers will have this year. As you know Erica Cox (genius) was the main contributor to these packs, so unless you pre-ordered a pack months ago, they are no longer available to order and the OU won’t have a revised pack ready until next year. So it is you, dear Tim, who has bridged the gap this year, and I for one am much obliged.

  49. Nicole Barton

    Hi there
    I’ve been reading your notes through my OU psych journey and found them very reassuring and sort of comforting, like a lighthouse on a far shore…so. Many thanks to you. I’ve often wondered, with such a succint grasp of the material, how did you fair in your marks? Are you willing to share?
    Yours gratefully
    Nicole =)

    • tim

      Hi Nicole,

      You’re welcome. I ended up with pass 1s for DSE212, ED209, DD303 and SD226 and pass 2s for DXR222 and DD307. Does that help?!

      All the best for the exam,


  50. Marie

    Tim. We’ve been told to structure our notes around ‘learning outcomes’ & the ‘summaries’ in the chapters. Do your notes do this? Also, I suffer with very bad stress around tma & exam time. Do you have any tips? Thanks for your notes they look very helpful.. Take care, Marie

    • tim

      Hi Marie,

      My notes are simply structured around the chapters themselves, rather than the summaries or learning outcomes. In 2009 when I took the exam, the questions were chapter focussed … which changed last year as far as I understand it.

      The way I used the in my revision was to use these to create hand written notes and scribbled mind maps … and the moving onto answering past questions. They were a useful last minute cramming crutch, too, when sat outside the exam room.

      I’m lucky – I don’t find exams or assignments particulalry stressful, so I’m probably not the best person to ask how to deal with such situations as I’ve never really thought about it – or had to deal with such situations. But making sure I’ve done enough work beforehand always makes me feel more confident.


  51. Marie archer

    Thanks tim. I’m lost as to how to revise across chapters by the ‘themes’ in going to learn the chapters as I’ve done before and hopefully I’ll be able to extract the relevant bit for each!!?? 🙂

  52. Barry

    Hi Tim, this may sound a bit cliched at this stage but thanks very much for sharing your notes! I really like the layout and am intending to try my own like this for the next course! Nice use of colours and type to break it in to do-able chunks.

  53. tracyfernando

    Many thanks to you Tim. I am rubbish at writing notes & I find that if I read yours at the end of each section I can condense it a lot better.
    Also there’s no notes on book 4?
    Thanks again

    • tim

      Hi Tracy,

      You’re welcome – glad they are of some use to you.

      No notes on book 4, as that’s used for the seen question, so my technique for dealing with it was different to the other 3 books. There would also have been a real danger that any notes I’d produced would have been too much like my essay plan – or even the finished essay I produced in the exam.


  54. Carrie

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you so much for sharing these notes, they are amazing… far more easy to follow than my ramblings! They are proving to be invaluable to my studies for ED209, and have given me inspiration on structuring my own notes in future modules.


    • tim

      Thank you – I hope you find them useful. I’m not a genius – if I was, I wouldn’t have needed to take notes!


      • Jackie

        Hi Tim, you know I am so grateful for what you have done by summarizing the books used for ED209. I agree with Sylvie you are a genius. God bless and keep you and your family always. I will definitely donate something to cancer research, not as much as I would like as not working but what you have done for us students is awesome, despite what you are going through. You have wonderful daughters. God bless you all again

  55. Fiona

    Thanks Tim for sharing these. It has helped me make sense of my ramblings. Exam was today so hopefully it has all been worth it. Best wishes. Fiona

  56. Yasmin B


    Just wanted to echo the thank you messages, did my exam in oct 2014 and they helped me to pass with a top marks. You are an absolute life saver, thanks again for taking the time to put these up here.

  57. Anna

    Tim, thank you, thank you, thank you. I was tearing my hair out wondering how I was going to cram everything into my head in two days. Your notes are fantastic. I feel like I won the lottery finding these – not millions but a good few thousand ;o)

  58. Dan

    These notes are just brilliant, helped me out so much!!
    I really appreciate you making them available, exam tomorrow, fingers crossed..!!!

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