Open University ED209 fOCUS II – Video Index (2009)

I got so fed up of viewing videos through the tiny embedded player in the fOCUS II software that I’ve created an index of the videos so I can play them at a sensible size outside of the control of fOCUS II.

To find them on the DVD, go to: <drive name>:\fOCUS II\assets\Video\

Collection Title File name
User Help Socio-dramatic play
Bill Clinton interview
Coding Dinosaur play
Paper clips
Reliability Still-face transition
Still-face experiment
Attachment AAI interview 1
AAI interview 2
AAI summary 1
AAI summary 2
Strange situation 1
Strange situation 2
Tasks Hand game 1
Hand game 2
Hand game 3
Hand game 4
Knock tap 1
Knock tap 2
Knock tap 3
Tower of London 1
Tower of London 2
Tower of London 3
Broccoli 1
Broccoli 2

Reader Comments

  1. Arnold

    Why is it that the OU seem so consistently bad at this kind of thing? It doesn’t look to me that it would be overly difficult to rewrite fOCUS as normal HTML which would give us all resizeable windows and make it accessible on Linux and Macs for that matter.

    The course I did last year even went so far as to write a custom video viewer in what would otherwise have been fairly straightforward HTML. Not only that but it seemed to have been written for an 800×600 screen which was just too bad if anyone had a portable with a very high resolution but physically small screen.

  2. Mark

    FOCUS II is totally useless!! I’m not even studying on any course but have been dragged into this because my wife is! Software will not open any of the files it needs to! There is no trouble-shooting guide on the disc! NOT EVEN A README FILE! Does not do what it says on the tin!!!

  3. Clare Gilbert

    Very frustrating indeed as regards Focus – was told by the computer help desk assistant that Focus is no longer available for Mac and was advised to download Windows onto my mac – defeats the whole object, surely?!!

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