This post is simply a shameless plug for the play that my eldest daughter has written. It’s being produced by Encompass Productions and is being performed at the White Bear Theatre in April. It promises to be a great experience as science fiction is seen rarely on stage. I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Tickets are on sale now. If you go on Sunday 19th, I will be in the audience with you.

How far are you willing to go to say you’re sorry?

Stowaway Ren is on a Union spacecraft. Mission uncertain. What is for sure, is that she shouldn’t be there. With the whole crew in stasis and only a hologram and the ship’s computer for company, Ren must cope with isolation and depleting oxygen whilst trying to find her way home.



Two more months …

With no substantial changes in my blood results this morning to report, I’m on watch and wait for another two months.

This is good news.

No – excellent news – as it means I should get to spend a happy week walking around Monmouth and the surrounding countryside in early April, as well as being able to see the London debut of the Encompass Productions version of Emily’s play, Stasis. Tickets are available for £14 (£10 for concessions) from the White Bear Theatre.

Stasis: 15-25 April 2015, White Bear Theatre, London
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